Inbuilt themes in beamer

A theme in beamer can be set using the command \usetheme{themeName}. Here is a 27 inbuilt themes in Beamer:


It should be noted that these themes apply changes to the global structure of the presentation.

% Inbuilt themes in beamer

% Theme choice:

% Title page details: 
\title{Beamer Inbuilt Themes (CambridgeUS)} 
\logo{\large \LaTeX{}}


% Title page frame

% Remove logo from the next slides

% Outline frame

% Lists frame
\section{Lists in Beamer}
\begin{frame}{Lists in Beamer}

This is an unordered list:
    \item Item 1
    \item Item 2
    \item Item 3

and this is an ordered list:
    \item Item 1
    \item Item 2
    \item Item 3


% Blocks frame
\section{Blocks in Beamer}
\begin{frame}{Blocks in Beamer}
    \begin{block}{Standard Block}
        This is a standard block.
    \begin{alertblock}{Alert Message}
        This block presents alert message.
    \begin{exampleblock}{An example of typesetting tool}
        Example: MS Word, \LaTeX{}


1. Default theme

To use the default theme \usetheme {default} command should be added to the preamble. However, if no theme is specified then beamer will apply the default theme to all the frames.

Default frame is preferred when the user wants to customize the frames according to his/her purpose. It is easy to make local changes (color and font) in local structure in the default theme. Compiling the above code with default theme, we get the following:

2. AnnArbor theme

3. Antibes theme

4. Bergen theme

5. Berkeley theme

6. Berlin theme

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