To solve this, there are various workarounds: 1) use different environments for different paragraphs, such as display math, itemize, etc. 2) use blocks to display information, and then separate paragraphs with different blocks. 3) add \\~\\ at the end of every paragraph.

In the following figure, you can see the effect that the third method produces compared to the default paragraph separation.

Spacing betwwen paragraphs in Beamer
How the default and the new paragraph separation compare to each other.

and here is the corresponding LaTeX code:

% Spacing between paragraphs in Beamer

% Theme choice


\begin{frame}[fragile]{Vertical space between paragraphs}

Following this line there is the default separation between paragraphs. 

Do you like it? 

Following this line there is the separation provided by the command \verb|\\~\\|. 

Do you prefer this one?